Redefining Student Representation in the Emerging TU.

Áine Daly, SU President-Elect
Áine Daly, SU President-Elect

AIT Students’ Union represents every single student attending Athlone Institute of Technology. Our role is to provide support, information, and advice on a wide range of issues for students who thrive off peer-to-peer support with the AITSU playing a pivotal role in directing students towards the great student services available on campus.

Our organisation is run by students for students, who play a key role deciding on our overall policy and direction at our councils, at out our reoccurring class representative meeting and AITSU general meetings. The AITSU represents the students on numerous councils and committees within AIT on many levels such Governing Body, Academic Council, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and so forth.

During the TU process, we have held seats on the TU Governing body, Academic Steering group, Professional Services Steering group and relevant working groups. Our objective is to ensure our students get the best possible deal when it comes to their education. We are also very active members of USI, with each of the officers holding respective seats on national committees where we work on national campaigns relating to social, economic, and academic issues.

“The AITSU is proud of the relationship that has been built with the AIT Executive, championing the principle of partnership in all our dealings and upholding that students are always the centre and forefront in the AIT communities every day.”

Áine Daly, AITSU President

We organise a huge range of social events for students within the institute along with offering a wide range of services regarding the students educational and welfare needs with the understanding the student experience is more than what is learned within the classroom. Along with this, we provide educational advice, support and assistance with the student grant process, examinations and electing the class representatives each year.

In the area of welfare, we provide support, advice and referrals for student’s mental health, sexual health, physical health and safety. Another service we provide is in student accommodation and support. The officers were students recently themselves within the AIT community and truly enjoy working with the students and seeing them excel and thrive through their education journey.

We are so excited to meet the upcoming International Panel and to speak to our involvement and partnership throughout this process. Becoming a TU is an extremely positive development for the Midlands and Mid-West. This is a necessary growth required in the landscape of higher education providing a university degree, wider provision of courses whilst continuing the ethos and community spirit that we have grown to love in IoTs.

Dylan Ryan, LITSU President
Dylan Ryan, LITSU President

The LIT Students’ Union (LITSU) provides massive support for all students of LIT, whether that be through their academic studies or their social life, LITSU is there for everyone. At LITSU, we help provide a social atmosphere for all students, whether that be through yearly events such as Freshers’ Week or Movie Weeks, even in the college through clubs and societies such as the Gaming Society or International Society which help form friendships from all different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. These societies are what help students get in that positive mindset after a long academic day, allowing them to look forward to meeting their friends after college for a board game or meeting their new friends out for some food.

The Students’ Union also helps to guide students in their studies and help them academically through our various online partners that provide free information and help. Alongside this we also sit down and listen, no matter what the concern may be and guide them in the correct direction.

"All of us at LITSU are so grateful for being able to work so closely with LIT and are very happy that all of the student concerns have been taken on board and the appropriate changes were to be made to make the students’ lives easier."

Dylan Ryan, LITSU President

All of us at LITSU are so grateful for being able to work so closely with LIT and are very happy that all of the student concerns have been taken on board and the appropriate changes were to be made to make the students’ lives easier. The new TU being developed is something special; the supports that the students will get are going to be astronomical. We’re looking forward to meeting with the International Panel to share our thoughts about the new TU and how a new and improved structure will benefit the representation of students.

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